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Mini F55 5 Door Custom Fit Sun Shade Blinds

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Mini F55 5 Door Custom Fit Sun Shade Blinds

This is only a general image. The blinds for the Mini F55 5 door is a set of 6 blinds which consists of a pair of blinds for the rear side windows, a pair of blinds for the rear quarter windows and a pair of blinds for the rear windscreen.

Custom fit and OE quality sun shade blinds for Mini F55 5 door models made from 2015 onwards designed to fit perfectly to the rear side windows and rear windscreen of the Mini F55. The blinds are perfect for making children and dogs more comfortable by reducing heat caused by strong sunlight inside your Mini F55

These blinds look fantastic from both outside and inside.

A great alternative to window tinting without the quality issues and the unsightly visible 'edge of film' which exists with some tints.

Comparable to OEM quality and far superior to universal stick on blinds available from car accessory shops.

Easy to follow instructions are supplied to enable effortless fitting.

Easily removed if you sell your car and want to keep your blinds or sell them on.

Zip up storage bag also included.

We don't have photos of the blinds fitted to a Mini F55 yet so we are showing them fitted to a different car

The blinds give your Mini a more stylish external appearance

The blinds are attached to the door frame using the clips supplied. No screws or drilling are required

Security of the car contents is improved due to reduced visibility from outside

The rear blind is in 2 pieces for easy fitting and safe storage

Optimum balance between reduced sunlight and visibility

Anti Glare

Help to prevent sudden dazzle from the headlights of following traffic and sunlight. Effective in bright summer sunshine and also when the sun is low during the autumn and summer months


Deters potential thieves by adding a darkened effect to your windows, making car contents difficult to see

Bug Blocker

Blinds remain in place even whilst driving with the rear windows open, preventing insects from entering your vehicle  

Keep Cool

Helps to reduce heat in the car by blocking out sunlight, allowing for a more pleasant journey

UV Protection

 Protects children and other rear seat passengers from harmful UV rays. The blinds remain in place even with the windows open, helping to ensure passenger safety and comfort


Protects your pets from sunlight even whilst travelling with your windows open, keeping them well ventilated